Energy Saving Tips

Energy – smart solutions for your commercial ice machines:

- One of the easiest ways to lower your utility bill is to shift production hours to nighttime. Typically, this will get you better rates from your energy company.

- Keep your ice machine in a cool, ventilated area so that it will not have to work as hard. Placing it next to an oven or a warm area of the kitchen will force it to work harder, thus raising energy costs.

- De-lime and routinely removing mineral deposits will keep it working properly. Regular maintenance will keep your commercial ice machine from working too hard.

- Choosing an air-cooled ice machine is a smart way to save money. Air-cooled ice machines use far less water, which will obviously result in lower water bills.

- Consider easy clean features that will benefit you. Some ice machines come with removable components, color-coded parts and easy access to the interior to making cleaning simple.



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